The past week has been a whirlwind to say the least. Traveling up to Utah, to cover April 2012 General Conference, via social media, was a thrill. In the space of one week I was interviewed three times, once for Deseret News, and two were on-camera interviews, by local TV stations. To say I was nervous about this type of exposure, would be putting it mildly. I was also able to tour the Goshen movie-set, where the Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos are filmed -- such a choice experience.

Using social media to share the gospel is as hot as ever right now. Opportunities are available every day and with Easter upon us, taking the time to help others know that we love Jesus Christ and that He is our Savior and Redeemer, it is the perfect time. I have a few very important ways to help you do just that, because I know you love doing this as much as I do. : )

Now that I'm back home, I've spent most of today editing the many pictures I took at Goshen, and publishing an article over on Hubpages -- to help promote the release of the recent Easter Bible videos, by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). I published the article over there because of the potential for the videos to be seem by a much larger number of those not of our Mormon faith. But I need your help. So, I have an action item for you:


Please click on this link and VOTE UP my article: Easter Bible Videos Celebrate Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In that way the article is more likely to be seen and read by many more people, and thus the wonderful videos that the Church has so lovingly produced will be watched by those not of our faith. That is our goal.

Also, feel free to share the article with others via Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest. (Check out my cool 'amateur' photography skills from Goshen:)

Next, the Missionary Department of the Church, via has launched an exciting, official, Easter Campaign, beginning today.  Here's how you can help to share with others, your testimony of Jesus Christ, online.


The campaign will take place on YouTube and Facebook. The focus is to help those not of our faith understand that we believe in and follow Jesus Christ. The campaign features members of the Church sharing their beliefs about the Savior.

Short advertisements will be shown on YouTube on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (April 6-8). We anticipate the ads will be viewed a minimum of 15 million times. The advertising will link to a specially designed page that has been created where visitors can share why Jesus Christ is important to them, learn more about our beliefs in the Savior, download the Bible videos app, or order a free Bible (U.S. and Canada only).

Visitors to the Facebook page will also be encouraged to share their feelings about Jesus Christ. It is hoped that thousands of Church members and nonmembers will express their testimonies of Jesus Christ during the Easter weekend.

Church members are invited to be involved with the campaign in several ways:

1. Tell family and friends about the campaign and encourage them to tell their family and friends. Encourage family and friends to participate on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday by visiting

2. Encourage family and friends to look for the YouTube ads and visit

3. On Friday, Saturday, or Sunday Church members are encouraged to visit and share their feelings about Jesus Christ.

Note that the page will not be "live" until early Friday morning.

We believe this will be a unique opportunity for Church members to engage in conversations with those not of our faith about the importance of Jesus Christ in the lives of God's children.

(Please note that I have cut and pasted, above, the entire email that I received from the Missionary Department)

I'm so thrilled to see the miracle of sharing our faith, using social media, really taking off right now. So many of you are now more willing, than ever, to publicly share your Mormon beliefs. I know that this is not easy. As I mentioned previously, when I was asked to give those interviews to Deseret News and then to be on TV, I was nervous. Actually I was shocked that I was being contacted to do the interviews. I was concerned that the right words might not come out of my mouth. In fact I was so concerned that I asked my husband to give me a blessing before we left for the KSL interview.

This work of sharing the gospel, online, should be a matter of prayer. It requires the Spirit in our lives to say and do the right things. But I testify to you that this is the Lord's work and He will be with you every step of the way. I know this is true, because He is there for me. 

As you go out to share your testimony with others, over this Easter weekend, please remember that you never need to feel that you must defend or debate if someone doesn't like or agree with something that you've said. Don't do it. By the Spirit share what you feel inspired to share and leave it at that. If you feel compelled to engage in a conversation, only do so if you can simply answer questions and state, kindly, your beliefs.

Now, go out and have a blast, sharing your joy about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ -- that He Lives, and that because of Him our families can be together, forever!

Video: Watch and Share - Jesus Christ is Risen!


Kathryn Skaggs

Here are the links to my two TV interviews and the Deseret News article, if you'd like to take a look. Pretty fun stuff!

KSL TV Channel 5: 'Twitterstake' becomes a way to connect during conference (make sure and click on 6:30 pm video on the righthand side bar to see the right video)

"For many, there is much more to General Conference than listening. Some join what's known as "Twitterstake," a Latter-day Saint online community. Last October, this community registered 50,000 tweets about General Conference, making it one of the top 10 twitter trends in the United States."

"The social media movement is so strong , the LDS Church invited well-known and popular blogger Kathryn Skaggs to blog and tweet live from the conference center.

"It will be fun to see how many tweets using the hash-tag "#LDSCONF" launched conference into the top ten trending topics," Skaggs said. "This is a wonderful opportunity for members of the church to let their voices and prophet's voices be heard throughout the world.""

Deseret News: LDS members prepare for conference social media explosion
"Last October, church officials invited Skaggs, aka @LDSNana, to tweet messages from the media room at the Conference Center. Things intensified when the lights dimmed and reporters around her began typing furiously, but then Skaggs was overcome with a feeling that she was part of something bigger than she could comprehend."

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