Posted on the WBMW Facebook page this morning was an invitation to check out this, just released, new app called LDS Prophet Quizzes for the iPad and iPhone -- FREE version! So I did. After all, before I could allow the link to remain on my wall I had to make sure it was legit and not spam. Found it to be all good, so I decided to post the info here and share it with all of my readers.

I ask the developer, Nicole Kalus, if she wouldn't mind sharing a little bit about how the LDS Prophet Quizzes app came about, and why they decided to give it away, free. I came to find out, from her brother-in-law, that this was actually a Kalus family effort. (He was the one that actually placed the link on my FB wall.) Apparently the entire family was involved, on some level, in its creation -- even 7-year-old Janessa contributed.

The idea was to create an LDS learning app that would be both fun and engaging.  One that would encourage members to learn more about our prophets, both past and present. I have to say, I did have a lot of fun taking the quiz "Whose quote is it?" Check out how I did on my first quiz:

"You scored 12 out of 16! I'd like you for my senior companion."

Not too bad, eh?

There are four quizzez:

Who am I?
What am I best known for?
Years as a prophet?
Whose quote is it?

To select one of these quizzez, you have to get one of the four images representing a quiz to the target image on the home screen. Make sure and watch the how-to-video when you first open the game, so you know how to play.

There is background music and sound effects to enhance the experience of playing the games. All sounds can be turned off.

Download free HERE!

Thanks Kalu Family! Have fun and share it with a friend!

Kathryn Skaggs

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