This is a new theory of Sherem. 

I have carefully researched all references to Sherem in Church publications, gospel commentary, Conference addresses and more and, to my knowledge, this theory has never been proffered before.

Remember, I'm telling you this up front. It is new and it is a theory.

First, let's review the pertinent facts, all from Jacob, chapter 7. Sherem sought a conversation with Jacob who was presumably considered a prophet and/or a church leader (verses 3, 6). Sherem addressed Jacob as "Brother Jacob" (verse 6). Sherem believed in the Law of Moses just not the doctrine of Christ (verse 7). Sherem also claimed to believe in the scriptures (verse 10) but seemed to have his own peculiar interpretation of them. Sherem was afraid he had committed the "unpardonable sin" (verse 19).

I think Sherem was a member of the Church.

Is this why the story of Sherem was included in the Book of Mormon? Is it so that we can be alert to the antichrists that can be found within our own ranks?

Why else would Sherem address Jacob as "Brother"? Also, he wasn't trying to build his own Church like Nehor or shift people to secularism like Korihor. He professed to be a believer and a righteous one. He was ostensibly worried that false doctrine was being taught in the Church.

How could Sherem possibly know about the "unpardonable sin," or fear committing it, unless he was a member?

The Book of Mormon was written for our day. It contains instruction for us. The story of Sherem must have modern relevance or it wouldn't have been included in that sacred book.

Do we have antichrists in the Church now? If so, who are they and where are they?

We have to go back to the story of Sherem in order to find our answers.

Sherem does not appear to be trying to set up his own Church or overtly deflect people away from it. He was operating from inside it although he obviously wasn't a true believer or, more likely, had ceased to be one at some point.

He was teaching his own interpretation of the scriptures which did not coincide with scriptures, Church leaders or Church teachings. Sherem's teachings served to deflect people away from Christ and His gospel. He perverted the actual gospel by teaching his own views.

Put this way, I can think of a lot of modern day Sherem's. Can you?

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