book-of-mormonIn social media, you often see posts like “5 things about me you may not know.” Here’s one for the Book of Mormon:

  1. I was translated in 65 working days.
  2. I speak 109 languages.
  3. Over 160 million copies of me have been distributed.
  4. The Bible is my best friend.
  5. I am one of the top 10 most read books in the world.

Regarding point #5, many published lists of most-read books don’t include religious books–and even when they do include religious books, it’s usually just the Bible. In this list of the 10 Most Read Books In The World, the Book of Mormon should be #4 on the list, since it has sold over 160 million copies. It would also be 4th place on the list of 21 Best-Selling Books of All Time.

Challenge: read the Book of Mormon tonight. If you don’t have a copy, get a free copy of the Book of Mormon.

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