Photo courtesy of Carmen McIntyre Borup's Photos - Our Stake Center is Gone...

You may have heard of all the recent Tornado's, floods, and other natural disasters in the news. Here is a first hand account of 8 people who rode out the F5 Tornado in Joplin Mo.....while inside a Stake Center. The above photo shows tithing slips that are still in place....however the building was utterly destroyed around them.  If you don't think something big and 'scary' can't impact you......think again. 

Group rides out Joplin tornado inside LDS church building -

Also, see these first-hand photos from this Stake Center. (You will need to be logged into your facebook account to see these). If you were in this position, what would you have done? Preparedness is more than just having a few buckets of wheat in the is having a skill set that allows you to make good decisions 'when the time comes'.

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