I was finally able to sit down and watch, via BYUtv -- On Demand, Sister Julie B. Becks, inspired talk that she gave at Women's Conference. From some of the notes others were kind enough to share and the LDS News coverage of Sister Beck's address, I knew that her teachings were important to the women of the Church. I was not disappointed, and neither will you be.

I've actually included the video of her talk right on this blog, in hopes that more women who did not have the opportunity to attend BYU Women's Conference will take a few minutes out of your busy schedules to listen to the words of a prophetess.  I don't use that word lightly either.  It is my testimony that Sister Beck's words came from the Lord, so that His daughters could more fully understand who we are and what our "Priesthood" responsibilities are in these last days.

I was touched by Sister Beck's teachings about the purpose of  Relief Society, its  history, motherhood, opposition, faith, charity, priesthood and temple covenants.  Never before that I can recall, has a General Relief Society President been so forthcoming with the role of women in the Church -- and our inseparable connection to priesthood power.  I can only believe that this has to do with timing.  And I personally believe, that now is the time for every sister in the LDS Church to come to a greater understanding and knowledge of the things that Sister Beck was inspired to teach us.

I learned so much listening to Sister Beck speak, as guided by the Spirit.  Her counsel, coupled with my own personal understandings and feelings about many of the things she addressed, give me much to ponder and pray about in the coming days.

I was particularly touched by how she presented the the purpose of Relief Society.  It has given me a much clearer view of what I personally should be doing, and WHY -- which for this Well-Behaved Mormon Woman, is very very necessary.

I did take notes while I was listening, but mostly if I were to share them, they would be my personal impression of what she said -- and not exactly what she said.   So,  I'll continue to wait upon the actual transcripts before I start attempting to quote or discuss her exact lessons.  And for now, you can watch for yourself and allow the Spirit to teach you!


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