I was talking with a girl and I noticed her hair, her eyes, the way she smiled... I noticed the clothing she was wearing, the color coordination in her dress, the way she held her head while she spoke. Her laugh and a pleasant gaze that seemed to look into my soul... with peace and genuine interest.

And I felt something.

It was more than just relief at finding someone who could hold a conversation, or camaraderie in finding someone who shared a dozen similar passions that are hard to find alone. No... I've had hundreds of conversations where I played a part, wanting cognitively to know about the girl yet never feeling anything inside.

Until today.

There weren't any fireworks. Not even little ones. I didn't imagine her in white or even ponder first date ideas. In fact, had I not lived with total apathy and worse with girls, I doubt I would have noticed it. But it was there - something in her physical presence that made me want to be there.

I don't know what it means - whether it's some sort of divine sign on this girl (which makes life somewhat difficult, but would be awesome), or just a glimpse of something yet to come.

Either way, at the end, when I could still remember her name and asked for her contact information, it was because of more than just having a good conversation. I honestly hoped that I could see her again.
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