For those disappointed that the recent “discovery” of those lead metal plates from Jordan has turned out to be bogus, Bryce Haymond’s recent post may cheer you up a bit!

Bryce provides details of the many examples of inscribed metal plates found in the last century that have been deemed authentic.  He provides pictures, descriptions and sources you can look up for:

  • The Etruscan Gold Book (Bulgaria, dating to 600 BC)
  • The Pyrgi Gold Tablets (Italy, 500 BC)
  • The Copper Scroll (Qumran, 1st Century AD)
  • Diamond-Cutter Sutra Gold Plates (Korea, 8th Century AD)
  • The Silver Scrolls (Near Jerusalem, 600 BC)
  • Darius I Persepolis Gold Plates (Found in stone box, Persepolis, 518-515 BC)
  • The Orphic Gold Plates (Greece/Italy, various dates up to 4th Century BC)
  • The Achaemenid Golden Codex (authenticity unsure, Iran, 550 – 330 BC)

While Bryce approaches these findings from an LDS perspective, anyone interested in the discovery of ancient inscriptions on metal plates (especially due to the hype surrounding the latest claims) will find his post fascinating!

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