We have a new little one who is scheduled to come into our family in a few months. The LRH is going to be a grandparent again....Oh boy....another little one to spoil!

Well, I have been peeking at the prices of baby gear lately....and almost required CPR. So, my daughter and I are putting our heads together and trying some inventive things to help her prepare.  This idea is just one of our endeavors.  We were in a boutique yesterday  that had cute pacifier clips that cost a small fortune.  However, they were really cute.  But, I did not like the clasp to hold the ribbon on to the baby's clothing.  It reminded me of a clasp on a necklace....but super sized.

Well, we gathered a few supplies and came up with our version....which we find to be rather cute!  You will need ribbon, Velcro, a glue gun, and clips (like you would see on a name badge that someone would wear to work).

We found a package of these clips in the office supply section of a big box store.  We removed the plastic tab.

For durability, we are using Grosgrain ribbon.  To avoid fraying, take a lighter and wave it quickly across the edge of the ribbon.  This helps seal the edge.

Cut a small piece and glue it to one side of the clip, covering both edges of the clip.

Using a small crochet needle, work the edges of the ribbon inside the small areas to help it attach.

Cover the open edge of the "v" with the ribbon and blue the rest to the top of the clip.

Cut about 8 inches of ribbon.  Attach your Velcro pieces at the bottom third of the ribbon.

Stitch the Velcro into place and attach your pacifier.

  • Time: This takes about 10 minutes to make
  • Cost: At the store, the clip was around $5.00....without the pacifier.  I calculate that we made this for just around $.75 (without the pacifier).

Even though this is a saving of a few dollars, the cumulative effect of these types of decisions can be far reaching. 

Something sweet for a new little one"s arrival!

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