I'm not a die hard genealogist like a lot of Mormons. There are reasons for that which I will not go into right now. However, I do get excited about new technology offerings from the Church, and there is one. It is called "Family Tech."

Family Tech is a way to help improve your knowledge and research by discovering technologies that can help you.

I scoured Family Search to see if it links or points to Family Tech in any way. The only way to find it is to click on "Labs" at the bottom of the screen. You can also access the web site directly at:

The navigation bar across the top lists: ComputingSoftwareDevicesInternetHowTos and  Contribute.

Resources under those headings include the following:
Computers: Computers, Mobile, Networks and Tablets

There is also an RSS icon.

Family Tech is in alpha testing. That comes before beta testing, which comes before an official launch.

There is no word on how far away Family Tech is from an official launch. However, it is worth checking out now, especially if you've got questions about how to use technologies, or make use of them, in your family history work.

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