Of course not! But that is what advocates for same-sex marriage would have you believe. The fact that they seem to be getting away with such tales is due to a lack of credible data being distributed, to dispute such irresponsible claims. More evidence that those who are most likely to be affected by same-gender relationships and marriages, meaning children, are the last that are being seriously considered.

It seems like every time a study is published either for or against same-sex marriage, we readily have someone who claims equal authority to dispute it. Most always a lack of sufficient data, or the way the study has been conducted is cited as to why these studies ultimately lack credibility in the mainstream.

One of the great cautions that proponents to preserve traditional marriage are concerned about is that we don't really know how this will affect society in general and/or future generations. Our instincts and personal beliefs tell us that this is not good. We just can't prove it, yet. Not a good position of influence.

As a California resident, I'm quite familiar with Prop 8 and the ongoing struggle to preserve marriage. I've advocated for quite some time that children have a literal birthright to being raised by both a mother and a father. I'm not so naive to realize that this is not always possible. However, I do believe that society is obligated to do everything we can to ensure the best possible circumstance for every child.

United Families International is devoted to a cause they refer to as "Myth Buster Monday" -- and this week they literally knocked it out of the park! UFI list four areas of concern about same-sex marriages and relationships as compared to heterosexual marriages and relationships, and then go on to share critical findings from both inside and outside of the United States.

Relationship longevity
Violence in Relationships

Some of these findings come from countries such as Amsterdam, Norway and Sweden. These are countries where same-sex marriage has been legal for quite some time now, and we are able to clearly see the devastating results of legalizing same-sex marriage. Together with ongoing studies conducted here in the United States, a new story begins to emerge as to why it is imperative that we continue to speak out in defending traditional marriage!

You can read the entire post from United Families International here:

Myth Buster Monday: Same-sex relationships and marriage are the same as heterosexual marriages and relationships. « The United Families International Blog

The ongoing debate between same-sex marriage versus traditional marriage will most likely reach the federal level, ultimately affecting the entire nation. Those of us with a desire to preserve traditional marriage are going to need to step up our game in order to discuss our reasons for doing so, with greater influence. I believe that knowing the real facts, and using them, will strengthen our voice significantly. I'm personally committed to a deeper study of this issue and I invite you to join me.



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