I recently provided information about the new online functions for the young men’s Duty to God and the young women’s Personal Progress. Below is a comparison of the functionalities of the two websites:

Personal Progress website (PersonalProgress.lds.org)

Young women can:

  • Read the Personal Progress booklet online.
  • Track their value experiences and projects.
  • Keep an online journal.
  • Add photographs.
  • Print their personalized Personal Progress book.

Parents and young women leaders can:

  • Track and sign off requirements completed by their young women.
  • Create and view Personal Progress tracking information for all the young women in their family, ward, or stake.

Duty to God website (DutytoGod.lds.org)

Young men can:

  • Read the Duty to God booklet online.
  • See videos related to Duty to God.
  • Make online journal entries, but no ability to print them.

There are no options for parents and young men leaders to sign off requirements or track the progress of the young men.

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