1. You've convinced everyone but yourself that you are almost perfect.

2. You've never done a cat-call.

3. You know what K9 is.

4. You can count the number of girls you've wanted to kiss without any hands.

5. You have the section of your Patriarchal blessing that covers marriage memorized word-for-word.

6. You followed this blog in the BC (before conference) era.

7. You'd rather go to an Elder's Quorum activity than a date with the hottest girl in the ward. But you go on the date anyway.

8. You've made at least 10 girls cry when they realized you weren't attracted to them.

9. You can't find a picture of your ideal wife... which made that assignment in marriage prep a bit awkward.

10. You've taken every single marriage prep, dating, and other similar course the Church offers.

11. You've fallen in love, but never with a girl.

12. Your temple recommend is a permanent part of your being.

13. It freaks you out if a girl other than your sister or mom touches you. Girls who give backrubs in church? I'm not sitting by you again...

14. You'd give almost anything to be married and have a family - anything but your soul.

15. The word evergreen is more than just a Christmas tree.

16. "SSA" doesn't usually remind you of the old DOS game "Super Solver Adventures."

17. You've fasted for five days in a row, multiple times, just to get through another week.

18. You know what it's like to be alone in a crowd of people, even among family or friends.

19. You've spent at least a month taking ice-cold showers every single day, with a fully functioning hot water heater.

20. Your journal is under lock and key... or you don't have one at all.

21. You don't get massages for fear that the therapist might be a girl, or, even worse, a guy.

22. You believe, honestly, that lasting happiness comes from living the gospel at any cost.

23. You're okay with living today and finding happiness in the moment... And you have the faith to let the Lord worry about tomorrow.

24. God answers your prayers, stands by your side, and is willing to do miracles in your behalf... all but one.

25. You understand and believe... "all these things shall be for thy good, and give thee experience..." and daily you give thanks to God for the blessings, trials, and everything else He has given you in life.
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