I've written a little bit about NDE's but an interesting article popped up about visions. I find it intriguing that it used the term "vision" in a major news publication, the Seattle Times.

Kenny Johnson saved a little three year old girl, Ann, and tried to save her dad Andy Kotowicz after witnessing their firey car crash. Then, a few days later:
"My wife is next to me in bed. She's sleeping. Everything is where it's supposed to be," says Johnson. "Then there is this man standing right by the bed. He says he needs help with a few things. I say, 'OK.'
"Now, I know it's him (Kotowicz) even though the only time I had seen him was at the accident, when he didn't look, you know, normal. He says he wants me to give a message to his wife and to his daughter. That's private so I can't tell you about that message.
"He also tells me to talk to the people at Sub Pop [Kotowicz's employer], he wants to let them know not to be mad at the driver that caused the accident. That's his message."
My reaction to this story is the same as the people at Sub Pop when Johnson related his vision to them, "dumbfounded and rapt".

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