In a New York Times article entitled, "Lesbian Candidate for Oakland Mayor Gains Surprise Allies," contains an interesting encounter between a devout Mormon and a committed lesbian running for office. What interests me is how the encounter in a political forum ended up being positive and productive for both sides.

Most news media has people fighting one another. But, this is a refreshing example of how two people came together amicably and influentially. For that reason alone, I want to point it out and encourage you to consider the example both Ms. Kaplan and Mr. Hoopes set.
This summer, at the urging of Paul Cobb — a mutual friend who is the publisher of the black newspaper The Oakland Post — Mr. Hoopes and Ms. Kaplan met for what Ms. Kaplan likened to President Obama’s beer summit. She arrived with her Hebrew bible, he with his Book of Mormon. And for 45 minutes, they quoted Scripture and debated translations.

“We both came into it thinking we would not get along, and we were both kind of shocked how well we got along,” Ms. Kaplan said.
By the end, there was an accord. Ms. Kaplan said she would vote for Mr. Hoopes to remain on the Paramount board. And Mr. Hoopes said he was supporting Ms. Kaplan’s bid for mayor by talking to his friends. He also wrote her campaign a $200 check.
Just a concluding note: Mr. Hoopes probably brought more than just his Book of Mormon. He probably brought his entire Scripture set that would include the King James Version of the Bible (Old and New Testament) that is cross-referenced and footnoted with other scripture unique to Mormondom.

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