This photo from Appleton's Memorial Day Parade reminds me of the gratitude we owe to those who have served in our armed forces and to those who are now serving. So many paid the ultimate price to be loyal to their nation and to protect us. I am pained at the hostility some brave and good men men face when they return to civilian life, where some treat them as if they are the problem behind the tragedy of war.

I am even more pained at the senseless destruction and chaos caused by politicians who push us into wars for purposes other than defending our borders and our people. May we understand the lessons of the Book of Mormon on defense. May we have leaders with the wisdom of Captain Moroni who share his humanity and desire to avoid unnecessary shedding of blood. And may we honor those who have served honorably and those who have fallen, regardless of the wisdom of our leaders.

We are in for many wars ahead, based on my reading of scriptures and the news of the day. May we prepare wisely, and never fall into the trap of endless vengeance or bloodthirstiness that can occur as societies decay.
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