The BYU Studies website has recently released audio .mp3s from their recent 2010 symposium. I highlighted this conference in a recent post.

If you were not able to attend the symposium, or would like to go back and listen to any of the great presentations, you can do so here.

The session of the symposium that was most in line with my interests was the Saturday Morning session entitled: Priests, Kings, and Temples.

The presentations at that session were the following:

“The Anointing of the Gods: Sanctification and Authority from Egyptian Pharaohs to Hebrew Priest Kings and Beyond” –John F. Hall, Brigham Young University (listen to mp3)

The Ezekiel Mural at Dura Europos and the Mysteries of Aaron, Moses, and Melchizedek” — Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Independent Scholar, Florida; David Larsen, PhD student, University of St Andrews (listen to mp3)

Kingship and Seer Stones: A Comparison of European Regalia and Scriptural Accounts of the Urim and Thummim and Liahona” –Paul Callister, University of Missouri-Kansas City (listen to mp3)

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