In addition to the live broadcasts of the LDS general conference over the Church satellite system, on the Internet, and through radio and television, the Church also makes conference materials available after the broadcasts.

See the document When Conference Materials Will Be Available to find out how to access video archives, audio archives, online text, magazines PDFs, printed magazines, CDs, and DVDs.

To sign up for automatic e-mail notification when online text, audio, and video files are available, visit To order the printed magazines, CDs, and DVDs in the U.S. and Canada, visit Outside the U.S. and Canada, contact your local distribution center.

Did you know that at you can also subscribe to general conference DVDs and audio CDs so they are automatically sent to you when they are available? (If you subscribe, your copies are the first ones shipped from the replicator straight to your address.) You can also get a 14-issue Ensign subscription (one extra copy each of the May and November issues).

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