Cyberspace has been eerily quiet over the last month or so, about how the decision from the California Supreme Court hearing will go down for Proposition 8. The court has 90 days to deliberate before it hands down its verdict. June 3rd is the deadline. Guess what that means? It means that sometime over the next approximately two weeks, California will have another major uprising, compliments of the LGBT community.

Either way, they are going to once again be in the faces of the conservative YES on 8 supporters. Whether Proposition 8 is upheld or it is not - supporters of same-sex marriage will have a very loud and public response. I'm tired just thinking about the possibilities. However, I can't help but wonder what either scenario will look like?

I hang out on Twitter, quite a bit. I receive Google Alerts for those things that I am interested in keeping my fingers on the pulse about. I stay pretty well informed. I don't know how it happened? Apparently, the homosexual community on Twitter "thought" they had heard that Prop 8 had been overturned -- and boy did the tweets start flying. Well, at least from what I heard.

When I did hear what had happened, all I could think about was how grateful I was to have NOT gotten caught up in the irresponsible distributing of wrong information. Distributing credible information on Twitter, about what you know - is what makes Twitter so successful as an outlet for any and everything. Twitter is not known as a rumor mill. So how could such a thing have happened?

The best way I can explain it, is that a group that wanted something so bad, heard only what they wanted to hear - and FIRED! I also couldn't help but think that perhaps this misfire of information was intentional. Think about it? Twitter has become a very powerful source for not only distributing information, but also receiving instant feedback from real people.

There's one thing that IS for sure, the gay community are PASSIONATE! And so, as we prepare to hear the REAL court ruling any day now - as to whether the California Supreme Court will uphold Proposition 8, or not, you can be certain that it won't happen quietly - either way.

Kathryn Skaggs

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