Bristol Palin was interviewed on the Today Show, (see video below) and right off the bat was asked a question that could have twisted her response in such a way, that would have easily distorted how she really feels about her newborn baby. Bristol Palin chose to keep her baby and not have an abortion. Sadly, there is no doubt that the liberal media would have loved to have had her give some kind of clues, that abortion may have been the better choice.

But she didn't. She stood up for life. However, she did say that she wished that she could have had her baby a few years in the future. She adores him. And that is her point! She's out to share with other young people, that teen pregnancy is not the way to go. It's apparent now, that Bristol more clearly understands that abstinence is the choice that she should have made in the beginning.

I don't think any of us can even begin to imagine what the Palin family has had to go through in order to stand for LIFE. What a tribute to Sara Palin as a mother, that she - a truly WELL BEHAVED WOMAN, has raised such a beautiful WELL BEHAVED "YOUNG" WOMAN!

I'm so grateful to see that Bristol has not allowed the media into shaming her because of an out of wedlock pregnancy -- but that Bristol is taking the opportunity to teach other young women, through her experience -- a better way!

Bristol Palin Stands Up And Fights Against Teen Pregnancy

Kathryn Skaggs

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