This morning over on LDS Church News, I read the story about a Mormon woman, Bonnie Hubert - who just won the title of Mrs. Texas. The focus of the story was on Bonnie Hubert's modest dress that she wore, during the pageant; and her saga to ensure that her dress would reflect her LDS values of modesty.

I really appreciated this story, because when I first began reading the story of a modestly dressed LDS beauty pageant contestant, I was assuming that this would be about a MISS title. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the article was covering a modesty challenge for an LDS WOMAN. I'm not so sure younger LDS girls, realize what a challenge this can be for their mothers and leaders -- long after their PROM years.

"I think the world sends a message that in order to be beautiful you have to reveal your body," said Sister Hubert. "I will say that it takes work, you have to want to live your standards, but you can find clothes that are your style that are modest."

Most LDS women that I know, also need to meet the challenge of dressing modestly, just as their daughters do. Most of us are not likely shopping for pageant dresses or Prom dresses - but we still have many of the same challenges that our young women experience. Finding a modest one-piece bathing suit or tankini - is a major adventure for ALL LDS girls and women.

I will concede that for the most part, LDS women are not as tempted as our young women are - to lower our standards to BE like the rest of the gang. However, when it comes to wanting to maintain our "Mormon" standards - all LDS girls from youth to adulthood, are faced with similar challenges throughout our entire lives.

Congratulation to Bonnie Hubert, for winning the title of Mrs. Texas and for standing out in the crowd so modestly!

Bonnie Hubert, in my opinion - is one Well Behaved Mormon Woman, that I am proud to call "sister".

LDS Church News: Modest Contestant Wins

Kathryn Skaggs

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