Ken Starr, who represented in defending the validity of Proposition 8, - was adamant throughout the California Supreme Court hearings, that - "People have the right to amend the state constitution". He urged the courts to not interfere with the People's vote against legal recognition of gay marriage.

"That the right of the People is inalienable to control their constitution through the amendment process, and that's been the case and this is where the deputy general attorney agrees since 1911..."

A brief excerpt from the oral arguments to the California Supreme Court, this past week...

The Validity Of Proposition 8 Rest On These Three Important Questions:

• Is It An Amendment Or A Revision To The Constitution

• Does The Majority Have Say In Minority Rights

• Legality of 18,000 Same-Sex Marriages Before November

Glenn Beck
discusses the Proposition 8 arguments heard by the Supreme Court in California & is it constitutional.

So, what do you think?

Kathryn Skaggs

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