My previous post cites a passage from an author who described Nephi's frustrated, sorrowful state with the word "depression." I'm sure she didn't mean depression in the clinical sense and perhaps would have used a different word today, 18 years later. Just to be clear, the illness known as depression is a complex mental and physiological condition that should not be linked to sins of the victim. It is as real and as threatening to one's well-being as having a tumor or a severely broken leg, though others may not understand it and may simply expect the victim to "snap out of it" - an approach that is not especially helpful for most illnesses people suffer.

If you or someone you love may be struggling with depression, help them get professional help and be ready for a long and difficult journey in coping with the complex disorder.

Comments and tips would be welcome - this is one of many topics where I'm a novice.
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