As a follow-up to this morning’s post, Keepa’ninny Maurine sends this scan of “My Redeemer” as it appears in one of the hymnals of the Community of Christ (formerly RLDS). She writes,

You will notice that the music is not exactly like the music to “Oh My Father.” The chorus of “My Redeemer” is in 12/8, or four beats to the measure, where “Oh My Father” stays in three beats to the measure, as is the verse.

For one of our sacrament meetings a few years ago when I was music chairman and choir director, I did a history of “Oh My Father” and had it sung to all of the different musical settings in its history (including the setting of “Gentle Annie” that was mentioned on Keepa a while ago. We sang a verse of “My Redeemer” as an intro to the story of Philip Bliss and the music by James McGranahan. My choir loved singing this arrangement.

Thanks, Maurine!

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