So many of you - not just in the States but globally - are sitting around wondering when your government is going to do something for you. Will a stimulus package come your way and give you your fare share to deal with a declining economy? Here in the U.S., of course, a stimulus package is getting closer but there are still many doubts and lots of people worry that some out-of-touch politician is going to stand in the way, or that they won't get their fare share.

HELLO! You don't have to wait for the politicians to get help! Team up with your local community organizers and get your own local stimulus package going. It's so easy - what are you waiting for? Get a gang of people in your community organized - about 50 to 100 is usually enough for success. Now look around and identify a few of the nicest, wealthiest homes in your community. Bring people together, get an open conversation going, make some tough, bipartisan decisions, then kick in the doors and begin spreading the wealth around. Get a lot of that stagnant excess wealth - cash, jewelry, plasma screens, iPods, silverware, fur coats, espresso machines, even bags of dog food - out into the local economy where it will hep people like you and your friends.

Remember, the basic principle of enlightened government is that the powers of the government derive from the natural, inalienable rights of man. Therefore, it follows that whatever powers and rights the government has must be rights that you as a citizen have in the first place. The power to "spread the wealth around" through government seizure of property in order to transfer wealth to friends, cronies, voters, and others who have not earned it must be one of those inalienable rights, so don't sit around and wait - start inalienating today!

Remember the inspired and foundational principles of our democracy: Your problems are other people's fault, and other people must pay. It's that simple. As the Good Book says, "Workers of the world, unite!"

Disclaimer: Based on the emails and comments I get for posts like this, and occasional misunderstandings by certain authorities or talk-show hosts, I sadly have to add a disclaimer here for those with certain impairments. I am actually not advocating criminal activity here. In fact, I'm completely opposed to criminal activity, especially that being conducted by unelected criminals on thrones or elected criminals, no matter how high their popularity.
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