Swarm of Bees in Backyard, taken on my iphone (through window:-)
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For the last few months, we've had a bit of a concern, that we might possibly have a BEE problem? You see, BEES have been hovering under the eaves of our roof. On occasion, they will even drop dead on our patio. My grandkids have stepped on a few of them. Ouch! So, obviously, we have known that we should have it checked out, right?

Well... as "procrastination" happens - we had not done so yet. The other day, I was certain that I could hear humming when I was standing in my master bathroom. No one else was around, but it did freak me out a bit. I told my husband. He just looked at me...

This morning, right after my husband left for work - I noticed the silhouette of a lot of BEES buzzing around - through my bedroom shades. And I mean A LOT! Not good:-(

I raised the shades, looked out my windows -- and nearly FREAKED OUT when I saw this MASSIVE BEE SWARM, flying all over my backyard! I immediately took survival action - and quickly made sure that they could not compromise the house - and get ME!

Next, I called my husband and freaked out on him! Of course, he was on his way to an appointment, and said that he would be home about 4pm and take care of things then. Bye. WHAT THE HECK???

To prove to HIM my plight -- I grabbed my trusty IPHONE, and took a picture of "my" BEE SWARM. I then, uploaded my picture to TwitPic and Twittered my condition to my trusted Tweeps -- where I was immediately validated!

Thanks Tweeps;-) Well, that's enough drama for this post. I've taken a picture of where "my" BEE SWARM has landed for now. I used my Olympus, so that I could get a fairly nice close-up. But mind you, both this iphone picture of my swarm of bees, and the one that I will post in a bit - were taken through my bedroom window.

Hey... I'm not going outside!


Note: Here is the update to my BEE SAGA, here you go - Bees Are Good Luck... Really!
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