Read the latest newsletter from the Lighten Candle Society for a warning to parents of the potential danger that children and teenagers may be induced into accessing pornography on their cell phones. They talk about the phenomenon that is sweeping through junior high and high schools in the USA, where youth produce pornography and distribute it to other youth.

The reaction from Utah legislators? To introduce legislation that would reduce such action from a felony to a misdemeanor. Those most interested in seeing this legislation passed are the pedophiles who trade in child pornography. Rather than sweeping this problem under the carpet, we should confront it head-on with tough training and enforcement of the law so we don’t let juveniles exploit other juveniles or develop into adult pornographers.

Pornography is encroaching more and more into mainstream America in print, online, and even on cell phones.

Like the Lighted Candle Society, I am confident that the overwhelming majority of America wants to live in a society that is decent, dignified, and free of pornography. For such a society to exist, good and decent people need to stand against the ever-increasing encroachment of pornography available everywhere we turn.

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