The Neal A. Maxwell Institute, formerly FARMS (the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies) has a wealth of valuable information relevant to LDS studies. Are you using it? Better yet, are you a subscribing member receiving their newsletter and other publications?

If you go to Publications, you'll find the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, the FARMS Review (mostly reviews of books, including many hostile ones), Occasional Papers, Insights (a newlsetter), Transcripts, Book Excerpts (many outstanding books are there, including the complete book in many cases), Translations (of FARMS articles in several languages), Multimedia (videos and recordings of some great lectures), Bookstore (you can buy stuff), and BYU Studies, where you can even find some great free copies of some publications such as the classic 1969 articles by John Welch, Chiasmus in the Book of Mormon (a PDF file).

I especially love the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies. No fair denouncing the Book of Mormon as a pile of embarrassing rubbish if you haven't spent some time there.
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