Asian markets are tumbling this morning, reacting to renewed fears about the impact of the financial crisis that began with the bubble of easy credit created by Greenspan and the harmful policies of the incredibly unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank. The dollar is down as well. It's lost around 30% of its value in the past couple of years. Do you realize that the creation of vast amounts of new money by the Fed - always cranking up the printing presses - simply steals money from all of us? That's what our government is doing through reckless deficit spending and reckless monetary policies.

And on top of the theft of your savings and income by inflationary spending that destroys the dollar - a hidden tax - they have the gall to seize billions more of your tax dollars to bail out the banks of their friends, rather than let them face the consequences of the speculative policies they pursued that made them rich while credit was cheap and easy. We have to give our money to prop up Bear Stearns, IndyMac, Fannie Mae, JP Morgan (via the Bear Stearns deal), etc. Just where in the Constitution does the Federal Government have the right to seize your funds to bail out somebody else's business? It's redistribution of wealth on a massive scale - shear Marxism by the biggest capitalists around (the lesson of Marxism is that the rhetoric of "equality" is all about a handful of gangsters on top forcing everyone else to be equally poor and enslaved). Someone's living in a gangster paradise, and it's not us.

I'm not kidding when I use the term Marxism. One of the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto calls for centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly. Marxism is about centralized power, and that takes government control over all the money (along with elimination of gold and silver as money so that paper money can be printed at will to finance the cancerous growth of government). No nation has survived for long when government was allowed to debauch its currency. No government can resist the addiction to easy money creation that gives them added power while selling out the future. The lessons of the Weimar Republic (Germany), Rome, Zimbabwe, and many other catastrophes are there for our review.

So what are you doing? Any of you spoken out by writing your Congressmen to demand that the Constitution be followed on this or any other issue? How's your food storage? And have you thought about moving some of your net worth into something that isn't on its way to zero? Have you compared the progress of your 401k to something like silver, which I advocated here in 2006 when it was about half the price it is today?

Now we have the specter of the big boys at the Fed and the Treasury (headed by the former CEO of Goldman Sachs) recommending that the bankers at the Fed be given even more power to bring "order" to the markets. Power to regulate the entire financial industry. Sweet deal, if you're on the inside with them. Centralized power in the hands of a few unelected officials totally tied to the banking interest - no, there's no "special interest" involved here. Just a big business that needs more power to regulate itself and make sure that the rest of us enjoy "order" (as in their orders).

This is not a "conspiracy theory" rant. It's about business theory - actually, it's not just theory, it's the practice. Business practice. You have to understand that businesses like to make money, and you make money through networks that collaborate toward mutually beneficial ends. So if you're a company and you can get your former CEO in as Secretary of the Treasury or Vice President, it can be good for business. Is that a big surprise? Does one have to be a lunatic to suspect such a possibility? The person may be totally honest and not exert undue influence in favor of friends and personal interests, which is totally cool. Or they may take one step after another which strengthens their friends and advances personal interests, which is totally cool for them and their friends. But it raises certain questions. But the two former CEOs I mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg when one looks at the deep and extensive webs of possibly questionable business relationships and alliances that permeate our world. Follow the money. Who are the ties that influence our President and his cabinet? The media? Our two collectivist candidates for President? And so forth. Why is that such a shocker that people are influenced by their networks and private interests and people they are beholden to? The shocker is that we have disabled the safety mechanism to prevent too much influence in the hands of a few possibly corrupt people. That safety mechanism is the Constitution, and I think we ought to reactivate it. Especially before the next President steps on board and continues faithfully executing the business of transforming America and its assets.

Hah - I did it! I got through an entire post on corruption in our government without once mentioning any crazy Book of Mormon stuff like "secret combinations" and the Gadianton businessmen. I've got more self-control than I thought!

P.S. - I should have mentioned that the Book of Mormon contains marvelously appropriate and prophetic descriptions of a corrupt, arrogant society some years before the First Coming of Jesus Christ showing patterns and behaviors so much like those we see today. There are powerful warnings and lessons to be gleaned. These are serious times, and it's time to take the message of the Book of Mormon seriously if we are to be prepared and overcome the challenges to our freedom that we face. When you lose your freedom, you can't just say "no thanks" and easily go back to your old lifestyle. Learn from Germany, from Cuba, and nations where freedom has been lost when power-hungry gangs took over. Better yet, learn from the Book of Mormon.
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