A calf was found dead in the morning.  It had been killed and partially eaten during the night.  A loud flock of crows swarmed around screaming “tragedy!  Tragedy!” and “We demand justice!”  Ghoulishly, they dipped their beaks in the blood and carrion.

After a time, screaming “justice for the dead calf,” they picked out another fat calf and an old bull who opposed them, pecked their eyes out, killed them, and tore strips of their flesh to eat.  “Justice,” they said.

Moral: Judge politicians, journalists, analysts, activists and other strangers not by their fervor for solving a problem but by what they actually do.

Comment:  In the Weinstein and #MeToo affair, it has turned out those who lecture us most loudly on our moral failings turned out to be gross abusers.  And then that some of the women who complained the loudest had been the most complicit.

The online and in-flesh mobs will burn with hatred because, they say, their target is a hater.  They will try to destroy and attack their victims on the because, they say, their victims make them feel unsafe.

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