A guy once said something like mankind is just a bunch of method actors, all stuck inside their part. He said it like it was a bad thing.

Reading the scriptures for content is good. Reading for story is good. Imagining the story may be better.

Now, just a few words to you young men. Have you ever imagined yourself to be the Prophet Joseph Smith when he was fourteen and received his glorious vision? Or David when he was playing his harp for King Saul? Or Joseph who had dreams and visions and saw in a dream how his father and mother and all his brothers and their families would bow down to him? Have you ever thought of yourself as being Nephi, who, under very difficult circumstances, defied his rebellious brothers and went into the city of Jerusalem and singlehandedly obtained the plates which were vital to the posterity of Lehi and his family? Have you ever thought of yourself as being the young Nephi who gave leadership in large measure to his older brothers and to his father’s family?

Can you think of yourself as being Nephi who heard his father excitedly call attention to something he had found just outside the door of his tent?

Elder Kimball.

Salvation starts with playing a part.

Zeno’s paradox doesn’t work. Not only is space not infinitely divisible, but if it were, infinitely divisible time would allow all those infintiely small gaps to be crossed. But what about character change? What are the units of change in the soul? How does what I am become what I am not?
Imagination and pretense is what bridges the otherwise impossible gap.

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