The scriptures like to point out–it happens more than once–that on the verge of some catastrophic punishment for their gigantic wickedness, the people are going around “marrying and giving in marriage.”  Which is odd.  Getting married doesn’t seem so awfully wicked.There’s another quote running around these days.  “Things get worse slowly, than all at once.”

I realized today that quote and the scriptural quote about marrying are saying the same thing.  There are always signs of an impending catastrophe, but they are only signs.  There are also plenty of elements of normalcy still around. Right up to the end, in the middle of incredible degradation, folks are still doing routine stuff.  When the social capital is completely run out, the catastrophe is upon you, and its too late to take stock.

Concentration camp commandants had birthday parties.  Late-term abortionists pay taxes and have commutes.  I spent some time this twilight watching the moon play on the ripples of a river.  All was calm.  Someone could have been being murdered a few hundred yards away and thrown into the water–I would not have known.  My own killer could have been coming down the walk.

All arguments to remnant normalcy boil down to “the catastrophe has not happened yet, so it will not happen.”  They boil down to denials of calculus.


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