Up into 2010 I was trying to be reasonable. Why? Well, one does, doesn’t one?

But what counts as reasonable depends on the system; as as I became more aware of the system I realised that being reasonable in an insane, suicidal system of inverted-Good was, actually, participating in evil.

-thus Bruce Charlton.

In an evil system, moderation means being moderately evil.

Many people don’t want to be unreasonable because they think that it is, well, unreasonable.  They believe that being unreasonable must be something palpably extreme, like terrorism or going entirely off the grid.

In reality, being unreasonable is easy:

  • Be chaste before and during marriage
  • Stay married through difficulties
  • Put having children over having a career
  • Follow the prophets
  • Strictly censor media that you allow in your home and in your mind



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