President Hunter taught that faith and testimony are steps towards experiencing the presence of God . . . in this life.  No need to wait.

He is right.

Those who have seen the face of Christ in mortality are blessed, not because they have seen the face of Christ in mortality, but because they have seen the face of Christ.

My brothers and sisters, I should like to speak of and to a particular group of important individuals. These are they who fully intend, someday, to begin to believe and/or to be active in the Church. But not yet! These are not bad individuals, but good individuals who simply do not know how much better they could be. Such individuals often stay proximate to—but do not participate fully in—the Church. They will not come inside the chapel, but neither do they leave its porch. These are they who need and are needed by the Church, but who, in part, “live without God in the world.”

To such individuals, in the brief, imploring invitation which follows, be assured there is a real craving for your companionship and a genuine need for your unique strengths.

thus Elder Maxwell.

Eternity is when all things become one.  Whatever it is we are putting off for the future, we participate in eternity by making the future now.

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