Elder Gong’s talk from conference focused on the theme of remembering and remembrance. He noted that there are over 400 uses of the word “remember” In the scriptures. It does seem like the scriptures contain a near constant refrain of the vital but difficult task of remembering God.

It seems to me that it is the extreme moments of life when it becomes hardest to remember him. When things are going well, we lean on our own strength when things are going poorly, we doubt his strength and forget him.

I love this passage from Elder Gong’s talk:

“When trust is betrayed, dreams shattered, hearts broken and broken again, when we want justice and need mercy, when our fists clench and our tears flow, when we need to know what to hold onto and what to let go of, we can always remember Him. Life is not as cruel as it can sometimes seem. His infinite compassion can help us find our way, truth, and life.”

If we remember Christ, we can overcome even our worst trials. He shows us the way upward and over all adversity.

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