lds-missionaries-2My Plan is a new resource to help LDS missionaries create a post-mission plan and set goals for how they will continue to live the gospel after their missions.

They will begin this plan before and during their missions. Then, they will be invited to share their goals and plans with family members and leaders who can encourage and support them.

My Plan is a new online course that will become available in August at and also on the Missionary Portal accessible by full-time missionaries. A printable workbook version of the course will be available for areas where Internet technology is less prevalent.

My Plan consists of 8 learning experiences that missionaries should complete in the following order:

  • After receiving a mission call but before entering the MTC (one learning experience).
  • Halfway through their missions (one learning experience).
  • During their final six weeks in the field (six learning experiences).

This new resource will be implemented throughout the missions of the Church between August 2015 and April 2016. It will provide a structured opportunity for missionaries to set goals and make plans under the extraordinary spirit they experience while serving their missions so they can continue learning, growing, and progressing after they return from their missions.

My Plan was announced in the July 2015 issue of the Ensign magazine and in a letter to leaders. Parents and leaders can read the guidelines for My Plan.

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