On the sweetness of Mormon life.

Your daughter is next to you at church. During the hymn, she sings too soft to hear. Is she just mouthing the words? You put your arm around her. She sings out.

Your little son sits on your lap for the taking of the sacrament. You do this every Sunday to keep him from running riot. To keep him from running riot, every Sunday you engage him in an improvised catechism.

“Who loves you?”

“My sister.” (Actually he says her name, but that wouldn’t mean anything to the reader.)

“OK. Who else?”

“My other sister.”

“Who else?”

“My other other sister.”

“Who else?”

“You, dad. I’m your boy!”

“Yes. Who else?”

“Jesus!” The answer you were looking for. In the ether a voice says, “Jesus is God’s boy,” and your heart is touched.

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