This is why I'm leaving Comcast:
  • I recently made a change in my service because the customer service person said it would "only change my bill a few dollars--definitely not more than $10."
  • I got my bill, and it was $257, up from $180.
  • I tried to chat online with Comcast to determine why (thinking that would be faster than calling), and I was put into a queue with 180 customers ahead of me. 20 minutes later, I had only 138 customers ahead of me. I gave up and called.
  • After two 30-minute phone calls, they still couldn't give me a satisfactory reason why my bill went up $80.
I'm switching providers, which should save me about $100 a month--$1,200 a year.

And the biggest joy will be in not having to deal with Comcast service reps on the phone!

Listen to this man's experience in trying to cancel his Comcast service (includes audio recording of the rep keeping the man on the phone for an extended period of time as he repeatedly asked why wanted to disconnect).
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