Summer is here and the living is easy. Or it should be. Many of you will travel this season for fun and relaxation. The last thing you need to take home from your vacation is the nightmare of losing your money, credit/debit/ATM cards, and other forms of identification because any or all of those were lost or stolen.

Here are some tips for holding on to your things:

1. Take only what is necessary in your wallet or purse. Remove extra cash, credit cards, checkbooks, and identification (especially your Social Security card) beyond what you need for your trip. That will minimize your losses if your wallet or purse is lost or stolen.

2. Use a credit card and leave your debit card at home. If your debit card disappears, its unauthorized use could result in your checking account being emptied very quickly.

3. Keep your wallet or purse and its contents in a place on your person where you can easily make sure it is with you at all times. That usually means somewhere on the front of your body—not in a back pocket which can easily be picked, especially if you are distracted.

4. Don’t leave extra cash and valuables in your hotel room. Store them in the hotel safe.

5. Don’t leave valuables in a rental car. Keep them in the hotel safe.

6. Make photocopies of your credit/debit cards, financial documents, and other related information that you plan to take with you. If your cards or information are lost or stolen, you can refer to these copies when contacting your credit card company and financial institution.

7. Keep an eye on your surroundings. If something looks or feels suspicious, go with that feeling and protect yourself accordingly.

8. When you return from your vacation, check your accounts online to confirm your transactions are legitimate and were made by you—not someone else.

By taking some simple precautions, you can reduce your chance of being victimized and can enjoy your trip.

Information courtesy of Deseret First Credit Union.
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