I don't get sick that often, but when I do, I really have it. I tend to be a homegrown person when it comes to remedies; I'd rather try to get over it via natural methods, such as sleeping it off. Many times that does the trick. My sicknesses range from a common cold to other things, which in the past have ended up a trip to the ER/hosptial. Sometimes, the sickness gotten is from things which I could have done to prevent, while others fall upon "what is being passed around". But this latest bout of sickness, I attribute it to the fault of others.

Every Thursday around lunchtime in Salt Lake City, they have what they call "Food truck Thursday" - where various vendors drive to one common spot and sell their offerings. I have always heard of this and wanted to try it. And so I did. I won't mention the vendor, but I got something from the truck that seemed to look pretty good. I bought it and took it back to the office to eat it.

About 2 hours after that, I started to feel sick. I blew the symptoms off. Mind over matter is one of my homegrown cures. But it still persisted. I went to choir practice that evening and felt worse and wore as the time rolled on to the point that I left choir practice a bit early and started home.

I was praying constantly on the way home that I would make it home safely. My prayers seemed (after thinking about it) that they were more of a direct plea/demand to my Father in Heaven. I made it home okay and proceeded immediately to the bathroom. Now, without going into the specifics, I had yet some more conversations with my Father. I absolutely hate to throw up, and my conversation went something like this:

Me: Heavenly Father, I don't want to throw up. Heal me, please
Spirit: It will make you feel better afterwards.
Me: But I hate to throw up. The dry heaves are the worst.
Spirit: I know. You do not like that, but it is a once and done thing.
Me: Is there no other way?
Spirit: There are always other ways, but you prayed to Father that you might be healed quickly.

And so the conversation ensued. It might seem trivial to some, but remember that my Gethsemane might be different than yours.

In thinking about that conversation, I am grateful for many things.

  • I am grateful for the power of prayer. The conduit between our loving Father and Heaven and myself.
  • I am grateful for that conversation that ensued. It solidifies my testimony that Heavenly Father does hear each and every prayer. No matter how trivial, He is there to give us comfort.
  • I am grateful that I was able to feel and hear the Holy Ghost. Without that, my conversations would be just me talking to myself. How grateful I am that the advocate with the Father is there for me.
  • I was grateful that I was able to give gratitude to my Father even in my dark time; thanking Him that I make it home safely among other things.
What I learned as a result of this latest episode:
  • I learned that I need to do more of thanking Him, asking Him, and less demand pleas. He does not deserve the way I addressed Him in my plea-demand prayer.
  • I learned that I continue to be dependent on the Lord for everything. He has richly blessed me with.
  • I have learned that listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost will result in a much quicker path of recovery than those homegrown methods I tried.
While I am not 100% recovered, I am grateful that it wasn't worse and I didn't end up in the ER/Hospital. This simple example can be applied to so many things other than physical sickness. In just living life, with the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, we can live our lives with much more meaning and purpose. Sometimes we have trials, brought on by our own foolishness, oversight, and bullheadedness. And sometime we are inflicted with trials from others. In all cases, I am so grateful that the Heavens are indeed open and our Heavenly Father stands always ready to help us through our trials - If we let Him.

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