mobile_africa-1Experts predict that in 2014, the number of active cell phones will exceed the number of people on the planet. That means that more people in the world will have access to mobile phones than to proper sanitation.

The Gospel Library mobile app is available on nearly every operating system for smartphones. But what about people who have lower-end feature phones?

A Gospel Library app has now been built for feature phones. It contains the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price.

Many feature phones can run apps using a Java virtual machine. The app can be downloaded to a smartphone and then transferred to a feature phone using Bluetooth or a cable. (Note that feature phones in the USA are usually locked down by the carrier, so you can’t add apps to them. But this typically isn’t the case in other countries.)


If you need more detailed instructions, you can watch the January 2014 LDSTech broadcast about running apps on feature phones.

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