A 2-year-old boy, "Trick-Shot-Titus," has become a basketball sensation. Back in February, his dad posted this video on YouTube, and it has been watched nearly 13 million times.

When the video went viral, and Titus showed his skills on the Today Show and the Deseret News published this story: "Mormon 2-year-old basketball star becomes famous for 'trick shot' YouTube video."

By June, Titus was a regular on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show with shoot-outs with Shaquille O'Neal. See the article "Mormon basketball sensation, 2-year-old 'Trick-shot-Titus' takes on Shaq," which has a link to videos.

Titus was also featured in a national TV commercial about March Madness for Sprint. Titus also had a shoot-out with Kobe Bryant. See "Toddler basketball star Titus Ashby takes on Kobe Bryant" for a link to the video.

In the article "Father of toddler basketball star 'Trick-Shot-Titus' shares importance of being a dad," Titus' dad Ashby talks about the bond he has developed with his son Titus through all the attention and traveling to appearances.

Titus also had shoot-outs with Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper on a TV show in Spain. See "Toddler basketball star, 'Trick-Shot-Titus,' in new video with Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper."

Here is Titus' latest video:

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