Tonight is the first "concert" I have done so far as a Member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. A flood of emotions is running through me right now. A lot of questions are surfacing too, such as:
  • Do I have the music memorized enough?
  • Will I know when to sit, when to stand, and will I do it uniformly with the choir?
  • Will I drop my music?
  • Will I pass out from standing under the hot lights?
The list can go on, but if you notice the trend of the questions - "Will *I*...". A bit conceited and negativity, eh?

I have confidence that I have the music memorized to the best of my ability, will watch others for the queues, will hold on to my folder, and will stay hydrated so there will be no danger of passing out. If I do my absolute best, then all will be well. What is my real hope is that the music sung will touch hearts, will inspire change, and will garner respect and understanding.

Having sat through other Pioneer Concerts and listening to them on the television, I dare say that this one is a bit unique as it's appeal is geared toward the younger generation with the guest performers Lindsey Stirling and Nathan Pacheco. They have been sensational in the rehearsals and would expect nothing less for the concerts tonight and tomorrow. The music is always uplifting and has messages of hope, love, enduring, and worship. The music is a diverse mix of musicals, classics, and standard worship  music.

The concert will be shown on BYUtv on Saturday night (filmed tonight). I invite all to hear the glorious music, and to feel of the spirit that is offered via 500+ singers and players.

I have blogged previously about how we are all Pioneers in our own right. Yes, the 24th of the month is set aside to pay homage to the early Saints as they finally reached the valley with Pres. Brigham Young's prophetic voice, "..this is the right place". No matter if we are in small branches or large wards. No matter if we reside in the east or west, we are all pioneers. We make decisions daily that forge our future. Decisions on standing for what we know is right, bearing our testimony to a friend who, we feel it is time that the sweet gospel message be shared, and doing our family history research to bind families for eternity. Those, in my eye are also considered to be acts of a pioneer.

A hymn that is sung each Pioneer Concert bears witness to these facts:

They, the builders of the nation,
Blazing trails along the way;
Stepping-stones for generations
Were their deeds of ev’ry day.
Building new and firm foundations,
Pushing on the wild frontier,
Forging onward, ever onward,
Blessed, honored Pioneer!

Service ever was their watchcry;
Love became their guiding star;
Courage, their unfailing beacon,
Radiating near and far.
Ev’ry day some burden lifted,
Ev’ry day some heart to cheer,
Ev’ry day some hope the brighter,
Blessed, honored Pioneer!

As an ensign to the nation,
They unfurled the flag of truth,
Pillar, guide, and inspiration
To the hosts of waiting youth.
Honor, praise, and veneration
To the founders we revere!
List our song of adoration,
Blessed, honored Pioneer!

Yes, we sing this hymn in honor of the handcart Pioneers, but we also sing to those that made this nation great, those unheralded acts of kindness, and to the great missionary effort of spreading the gospel to the four quarters of the earth. They are all pioneers in their own right. And those that we love and have tenderly given of our hearts and efforts; those that enter into the waters of baptism, to be reunited with their brothers and sisters in the common gospel, and those whom we research and do their temple work. All of those people in generations future can proclaim about us in our time:

Blessed, honored Pioneers!

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