Angela Fallentine while attending day one, World Congress of Families 2013, had the opportunity to sit down and, not only have dinner with Shelly Locke, founder of The Power of Mothers, but interview her. In Angela's own words...

At dinner I had a wonderful opportunity to interview Shelly Locke, former Utah's 2007 Young Mother of the Year and delegate to the United Nations and The Howard Center for Religious Studies, humanitarian and attendee of nearly all the World Congresses.

Locke spoke about the power and courage of all of the people (presenters, speakers, organizers, etc) involved with the World Congress of Families. “They have all experienced persecution, death threats, hostility and have made incredible personal sacrifices in defending the traditional family and religious belief."

When you look around this auditorium, you need to know that these people are incredible. They are highly educated scholars, legal minds, policy makers, politicians, sociologists, church leaders and so forth, and they have been targeted by the opposition for their pro-family and pro-religious work.” Shelly continued, “There are hundreds of people here with amazing stories that need to be told. They are on the front of the battle lines and the rest of the world needs to know about their sacrifices and what they have done to protect and defend the family. I think there is potential for a huge story here. Each of their stories needs to be told.”

In my interview with Shelly, we came to the conclusion that we need to feature these inspiring people in the blogging community and put a human face on this fight for faith and family. She later went on to tell me about the persecution and protests that the World Congress and the presenters and delegates have experienced throughout the years.

Several years ago, the World Congress of Families was held in Amsterdam, and she recalled, with great detail, the paint bombings and protests outside the speakers' hotel and the congress venue.

She was in the hotel lobby with Elder Russell M. Nelson and Sister Nelson, Sheri Dew and other LDS Church leaders. They were waiting to get into a cab to take them to the WCF sessions when they were met with screaming, intimidating and vulgar protesters. At one point, she was followed and her path was blocked from entering the building. Dodging the force of one particular protestor, she made it into the building and on went the Congress.

That must have been quite the dinner conversation! Well, until tomorrow when Angela sends us her report of day two, happening right now, from the World Congress of Families. If you happen to of missed her full report from day one, don't!

World Congress of Families Gather to Inspire on Day One!

Kathryn Skaggs

Photo Source: Deseret News

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