I have always remembered this guest post by Deborah, on turning scripture into poetry. For Martin Luther King Day, a brief attempt:

2 Nephi 26:33

… [A]nd the Lord
inviteth them all
to come
unto him
and partake
of his goodness;

and he denieth none
that come unto him,
black and white,
bond and free,
male and female;

and he remembereth the heathen;
and all are alike unto God,
both Jew and Gentile.

Just separating the words into lines like that gives it a more poetic feel, or, at the very least, helps me see the words more clearly. He denieth none that come unto him, and all are alike unto God. Good words for today, and every day.

Are there any other great Martin Luther King day scriptures I don’t know about? Tell me in the comments. This is my personal favorite, the ideal to strive for in the Church and in the world, but I’m sure there are others.

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