Directory 2013 is ready for beta testing. We need your help to test out the features to make sure the Directory functions correctly across all the varieties of browsers, units, locations, languages, and hardware.

You can view the Directory 2013 test site at

The Directory beta site contains a recent copy of real data. You're encouraged to explore, play around, test, and experiment in the beta site as much as possible. Any changes and photo uploads you make on the beta site will not be permanent and may be reset or removed at any time as new versions are pushed out.

Directory 2013

What's New in Directory 2013?

Directory 2013 introduces many new features with photo uploads and your household profile.

Photo Upload

Photo upload has been completely redesigned. Changes include a totally new photo upload interface that gives you the ability to crop and rotate photos prior to saving.

Crop and Rotate

When you drag the crop area, Directory maintains an aspect ratio for the cropping area to ensure all photos have similar sizes.

Photo Watermarks

When members upload a photo, the words "Awaiting Approval" appear over the photo until an administrator approves it. This lets members know that their photo is not yet visible to others in the ward.

When administrators upload a photo, the photo is automatically approved.

Photo Administration

For administrators, the interface and workflow for managing photos has been improved. The New Photos page has been split into two smaller pages: Approve Photos and Assign Photos.

Approving and Assigning Photos

This helps you see the tasks that need to be done for each photo.

On the Manage Photos page, administrators can crop and rotate photos as needed.

The Upload Photos page also allows you to drag photos directly into the browser, which helps simplify the upload process.

My Household Page

The My Household page has been simplified to clarify which privacy controls correspond to which aspects of your profile.

Additionally, when you sign in to the directory, the default page is now My Household, which appears at the top of the sidebar. Currently the My Household page defaults to the edit view. Prior to the full release of this version, the My Household view will default to a Ready Only view with an "Edit Household" button at the top, more similar to how My Household currently functions.

The gear icon in the upper-left corner of the photo allows you to edit your photos at any time, changing privacy levels, or cropping, rotating, or removing the photo.

Editing Photos

Bug Fixes

In addition to these feature improvements, we've fixed many documented bugs (for example, photo directory printing) and worked on the behind-the-scenes code to make the application more robust and speedy.

Providing Feedback

You can provide feedback on the beta site in the Directory Beta forum on LDSTech. The forums provide a freeform way for you to provide feedback, based on whatever tasks, processes, and other ad hoc testing you decide to do.

Directed Testing Feedback

For more directed testing, we have a list of tasks for you to test in a tool called Swarm Tester. To see the tasks in Swarm Tester, you need to first join the Local Unit Directory project (if you're not already a member) and then go to the Swarm tests for the Local Unit Directory.

Join the Local Unit Directory project:

  1. Go to and sign in with your LDS Account.
  2. Click Projects on the top navigation bar.
  3. If you’re new to LDSTech, you’ll need to sign the Contributors agreement. Click Profile on the sub-navigation bar, complete the information and sign the agreement, and then click Save.
  4. Click Projects on the sub-navigation bar.
  5. Click Local Unit Directory.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom and click Join.

See the tasks to test in Swarm Tester:

Note: Use either Internet Explorer or Firefox when using Swarm Tester. Chrome currently has an issue that orders the test cases incorrectly.

  1. Go to and sign in with your LDS Account.
  2. Go to
  3. Click LUA Directory.
  4. Complete the test cases listed.

When you fail a test case, you'll be prompted to describe the bug. After you click submit, the failed test case will automatically create a new issue in our bug tracking system (JIRA). Subsequent fails will be added as comments to the initial fail. This helps centralize the testing feedback.

Callings Needed

We need people with all callings to test the directory. If you're a ward directory administrator because of your calling (website administrator, bishopric, clerk, executive secretary), you will see additional options in the sidebar for approving, uploading, assigning, and managing photos. Stake administrators don't have permissions to manage photos, but they can edit profile information.

Testing Period

The testing period will probably run for one or two weeks, starting January 18 and continuing from there based on the testing feedback.

If you find a lot of bugs, we may release updates to the existing beta release to address them in an ongoing way during the testing period. Once all bugs have been resolved, we will release the beta to production.

As a Directory team, we talk every day about how much help we receive from the LDSTech community and how invaluable it is to our success. Thank you very much for all that you contribute! We couldn't do this without your efforts.

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