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The FAMILY HOME STORAGE CENTER PRODUCTS list has been posted with several pricing changes.  (The comparisons below correspond to the 2010 pricing as that is the last I had record of).

Pricing increases appear in several of the following:

  • Black Beans:  Was $13.20 for 25 lbs and is now $16.30.  In fact, all of the bean prices have increased.
  • Non-Fat Milk:  Was $41.65 for 25 lbs and is now $47.20
  • Macaroni:  Was $16.50 for 20 lbs and is now $20.25
Pricing decreases appear for several items including the following:  

  • White Flour:  Was $10.30 for 25 lbs and is now $8.85
  • Prepared LDS Family reports: A 25 lb. bag of white flour went down from $13.30 to $8.85 since 2012.
Please keep in mind that we have experienced a drought, so prices will fluctuate.  In addition, these prices are generally very, very reasonable.  

You can see the new pricing list at this link.

Additionally, to find a Family Home Storage Center (i.e. LDS Cannery) location, please follow this link.  

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