So you saw us post about the Valentino Spring 2013 collection here. Now you get to see the look that inspired this post. The actual Valentino blouse is sold here, but we'd rather spend that amount in different areas of life. So we created our own blouse with a white button down, black high neck sheer blouse and black fitted tee underneath. If you're a bit of a seamstress you could always take an old white button down and cut the collar and cuffs. We just liked our blouse and white button down too much to do that to them :(. Anyway, we put it together with our black chiffon skirt (similar here) and called it our Valentino. 

(By the way, there are always nicer, pricier version of items that are similar to ours.  We don't know about you guys,  but we're always looking for a deal. Let us know if you'd like us only to put the nicer stuff, or do you guys even look at the links? Just trying to gauge the quality of what you all would like, because it's really much easier to find the more expensive items.)

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