Deseret Book’s new LDS Quotes app is worth the download. The app is beautifully designed and its navigation is simple enough for novices and experts. The app is available for Apple iOS and Android (coming soon) devices and provides bite-sized daily inspirational quotes.

When you first open it, you are given that day’s inspirational quote, accompanied by the source, topic and picture of the book or author. You can click on either the source or topic and get additional quotes based on those preferences. Each daily quote can be starred, noted, or shared. Sharing options include Facebook, Twitter, SMS, e-mail, and print.

One of my favorite features of the app was the fact that I can choose what time of day I want to be reminded to read my daily quote. I set mine to alert me at 6:45 am, in the middle of breakfast, when other less important apps, like Angry Birds or Instagram usually seem more convenient, but certainly less edifying.

You can also use the app for quick gospel study by topic, which can be useful when preparing a lesson or talk, especially when coupled with’s gospel topics section and Daily Messages. Because this is a Deseret Book app, the collection of quotes goes beyond general conference or other Church quotes, including quotes from other LDS classics that can be purchased through Deseret Book.

This is an app that will definitely stay on my phone. With the daily business of life, these quick moments of reflection are much needed and appreciated.

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