I’ve mentioned before Everyday Mormon Writer is running a contest on the theme of “Four Centuries of Mormon Stories.”  If you’re familiar with the fact that Mormons have only been around since 1830, you might be wondering how they get to four centuries.  The explanation is quite simple:

What has Mormon life looked like over the past two hundred years–and what will it look like over the next two hundred?

This summer we’ll be running a contest for very short stories and artworks depicting Latter-day Saints in the 19th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd centuries. The more prize money we raise, the more submissions we’re likely to receive. In October, we’ll publish the finalists here at Everyday Mormon Writer and have an audience vote for winners.

As a fundraiser for the contest, they are having a dinner on July 28 with a special guest: little old moi.  There are only four tickets left, so buy now to ensure your spot.  As an additional incentive beyond the homemade Indian food at the Goldbergs’ residence and the pleasure of my company, if you attend you will receive a free book or magazine with one of my stories in it. (I may even let you touch my Nebula Award.)

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